Products and Services

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and its members are dedicated to developing the market for green roof and wall products and services in North America. To achieve this goal, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has created the following engagement opportunities:


Training & Educational Opportunities

  • Established several Living Architecture Regional Centers of Excellence at higher education facilities that are at the forefront of green infrastructure research and training.

  • Develops consensus on key training and Green Roof Professional accreditation requirements.

  • Offers conference proceedings showcasing the policy, project, and research information presented at conferences.

  • Provides general information on green roofs and walls to the public through media relations and related conferences and events.

  • GRHC's online store featuring Resource Manuals, green roof and wall literature, Conference Recordings, and much more! Visit the Green Infrastructure Store for details and pricing.


  • Markets the goods and services offered by our Corporate and Individual members, and works to raise the profile of its non-profit and government members.

  • Generates project referrals for its members - directly and indirectly through member directories, searchable databases, and promotional content.

  • Collects and publishes technical data on green roof and wall performance and project, policy, and industry developments in the quarterly Living Architecture Monitor magazine.

  • Establishes positive working relationships with related professional associations in North America and internationally for cross-promotion of members, events and continuing education.


  • Gathers data on green roof and wall industry size and composition from corporate members for annual report generation. See the latest Green Roof Market Report.

  • Acts as a catalyst for and promoter of comprehensive approaches to green roof and wall research and cost-benefit analysis, in part through our Research Committee.

Celebrate Excellence

  • Hosts the annual Awards of Excellence celebrates the achievements in green roof and wall design, research, civic engagement, and corporate participation.