The 2019 awards will be officially presented on October 29, 2019 at Grey to Green: Washington DC. Award winners will be profiled in front of hundreds of industry professionals at Grey to Green, in the Living Architecture Monitor, and in numerous other publications.

To submit a project, you must fill out the submission form, save it into .doc or .pdf format, and create a 5-10 slide photo presentation (in powerpoint or .pdf format). Then you will be ready to submit! You may also provide an additional plant list for your project if you so choose.

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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities' Awards of Excellence Program Has Changed!

To reflect the ever evolving nature of the green roof and wall industry, we have made some changes to our annual awards program to better reflect the current state and values of the industry. We feel that a big part of excellence should be performance, and as such, we have aligned the Awards Program with the Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT), an innovative new rating system which seeks to standardize the performance of green infrastructure installations, developed by the Green Infrastructure Foundation.

What's new:

  • Refined Categories - We have streamlined the submission categories to make them more straightforward and easy to understand. We have also added a new category for Urban Agriculture to reflect the growing trend of outstanding urban farming applications.

  • Refined Submissions - We have streamlined the submission form to their core components, with an emphasis on performance, design, and context to balance both stunning design, efficient performance, and contextual contributions that can come from living architecture.

  • LAPT Integration - By aligning the awards program with the LAPT Scoring Categories, we can provide our award winners with a sneak peek to how their projects would rate in the LAPT, and how well their projects perform.

  • GRP CEUs - In an effort to recognize the practical experience gained from working on award worthy projects, now GRPs can earn CEUs for submitting projects they have completed.

GRHC's Awards of Excellence Program still represents the crowning achievement of living architecture design and performance, and these updates will ensure that the program continues to highlight the best and the brightest our industry has to offer.

We look forward to seeing all of your fantastic projects!

Each year we recognize integrated design and installation excellence with the Green Roof & Wall Awards of Excellence. We also recognize outstanding contributions to the industry in research, policy, and corporate contribution. Award winners will be profiled in front of hundreds of industry professionals at CitiesAlive, in the Living Architecture Monitor, and in numerous other publications.

The Green Roof & Wall Awards of Excellence program recognizes distinction in five areas:

  • Design Awards acknowledging excellence in innovative and integrative green roof and wall design.

  • Research Award honoring outstanding research contributions to the green roof industry.

  • Civic Award honoring outstanding contributions to green roof policy development.

  • Living Architecture Monitor Advertising Award honoring supporters of the Living Architecture Monitor.

  • President's Corporate Award honoring individuals and companies that have made a significant contribution to the industry.

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