Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc

A technology-oriented company, Sunlite is growing in its business focus and ran its business operations through the Lawrence Bioscience & Technology Business Center (BTBC) from 2010-2013 before moving to a new Lawrence office and warehouse facility. Sunlite continues to grow its manufacturing capabilities and expand its product lines and is proud to offer a wide selection of LED products to fit its client’s needs.  Uses for Sunlite’s LED products now include Green Wall lighting, Horticulture lighting, and UV curing applications. Sunlite also makes a variety of exceptional flashlights, penlights, mechanics lights, vehicle lights, and accessories.  Sunlite’s UL-certified lighting products maximize the benefits of LED technology, and our fixtures produce the maximum LED light output for their size.  With a variety of light fixtures and custom lighting designs, Sunlite’s innovative products are now being integrated into sustainable lighting designs around the world.