St. Cloud Mining

St. Cloud Mining Company is the largest producer of high quality, high purity natural zeolites in North America.  St. Cloud Zeolite, a unique naturally occurring, lightweight, durable volcanic mineral, is characterized by its high cation exchange capacity and porosity which when incorporated in soil mixes increase nutrient holding capacity, minimize leaching, enhance water retention, improve aeration, minimize compaction, prevent toxicity, and improve fertilization and overall plant growth.

St. Cloud Zeolite is frequently called for by name in large green roof installations, including a recently completed  nine acre roof top park on a high profile corporate campus in Silicon Valley. Our zeolites are also used as filtration media in storm water treatment applications to remove heavy metals, organics and other toxic contaminants from effluents.

St. Cloud Zeolites are natural, inert non-toxic substances that are federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and exempted from most regulations and reporting. In addition, we are NSF 61 certified for drinking water filtration applications and OMRI certified in livestock product applications.

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