Founded in 1997, Roofmeadow is an award-winning landscape architecture firm with engineering DNA. Staffed with landscape architects, civil engineers, horticulturalists, and construction specialists, Roofmeadow provides a broad but targeted scope of services like no other landscape architecture firm. They apply visionary design and planning approaches to challenging project circumstances. Resourceful engineering is at Roofmeadow’s core and underpins all of their landscapes. Their designs incorporate innovative stormwater management, permitting support, smart irrigation, and the stabilization of sculpture and hardscape in veneer landscapes.

Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc

A technology-oriented company, Sunlite is growing in its business focus and ran its business operations through the Lawrence Bioscience & Technology Business Center (BTBC) from 2010-2013 before moving to a new Lawrence office and warehouse facility. Sunlite continues to grow its manufacturing capabilities and expand its product lines and is proud to offer a wide selection of LED products to fit its client’s needs.  Uses for Sunlite’s LED products now include Green Wall lighting, Horticulture lighting, and UV curing applications. Sunlite also makes a variety of exceptional flashlights, penlights, mechanics lights, vehicle lights, and accessories.  Sunlite’s UL-certified lighting products maximize the benefits of LED technology, and our fixtures produce the maximum LED light output for their size.  With a variety of light fixtures and custom lighting designs, Sunlite’s innovative products are now being integrated into sustainable lighting designs around the world.

Ginkgo Sustainability

Founded in 2010, Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. was born out of a love for the environment and a passion for sustainable business. We are driven by our mission to connect the living and built environments through the installation of living roofs and the installation and manufacture of living walls. Ginkgo Sustainability exists to make buildings eco-friendly and sustainable. GINKGO offers consulting, design, installation, and maintenance services to help you realize your green building goals.

Battalion Roofing LLC

Established in 2010, Battalion Roofing LLC is dedicated to serving our customers with the best possible service, quality and professionalism. We have expanded our business over the last 8 years to meet our customer demand and consistent referral base year after year.  Battalion Roofing LLC continues to offer our clients the attention and respect they deserve.  

We install residential and commercial roofs in the Central and South Texas area using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our founder and owner, Stephen Peyton, is a combat veteran and proud to offer active military and veteran discounts.

We are fully insured and bonded and we have a stellar reputation.

St. Cloud Mining

St. Cloud Mining Company is the largest producer of high quality, high purity natural zeolites in North America.  St. Cloud Zeolite, a unique naturally occurring, lightweight, durable volcanic mineral, is characterized by its high cation exchange capacity and porosity which when incorporated in soil mixes increase nutrient holding capacity, minimize leaching, enhance water retention, improve aeration, minimize compaction, prevent toxicity, and improve fertilization and overall plant growth.

St. Cloud Zeolite is frequently called for by name in large green roof installations, including a recently completed  nine acre roof top park on a high profile corporate campus in Silicon Valley. Our zeolites are also used as filtration media in storm water treatment applications to remove heavy metals, organics and other toxic contaminants from effluents.

St. Cloud Zeolites are natural, inert non-toxic substances that are federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and exempted from most regulations and reporting. In addition, we are NSF 61 certified for drinking water filtration applications and OMRI certified in livestock product applications.

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Roof Maintenance Solutions

Roof Maintenance Solutions (RMS) is a dedicated roofing maintenance service option now available to industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) property managers and building owners in Canada.

RMS is a preventative roof maintenance and recycling company that addresses a current gap in the ICI roofing trade between roof builders and engineers / consultants. RMS offers property managers a professional, impartial organization whose singular focus advocates for longevity and environmental waste reduction in ICI roofing systems.

Roof Maintenance Solutions provides building owners and property managers with professional, preventative maintenance that considerably prolongs the life of their commercial roofing systems and, through transparency reporting and education, provides options with measurable savings in capital expense and environmental waste reduction.

Bockholt Landscape Architecture

Bockholt Landscape Architecture brings an invaluable and hard won understanding of the natural environments encountered in the Rocky Mountains and the challenges their clients face working with resort towns, the public, home owner associations and other agencies and stakeholders to the design team, making them an integral partner for many who are developing projects in the Western U.S. Often they are consulted by architects and engineers on large land projects at an early stage of the design process because of their skill-set and wealth of tools pertaining to the land to contribute to the site analysis and schematic planning and renderings. They love to work as the owners representative for discerning homeowners and builders faced with large landscape projects. Developing the concept, construction documents obtaining approvals, bidding and organizing a team of contractors, to move forward smartly.

Valerian LLC

Valerian is a reliable WBE/DBE/SBE certified landscape architecture and irrigation design firm. Valerian was established in 1990 by Founding Principal Susan Brown and continues the firm’s commitment to our clients and quality design under Managing Principal Cassie Kaslon. Since its creation, Valerian has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the industry for sustainable, creative and thoughtful design for both public and private sector clients.

Our project portfolio reflects the variety and depth of our design experience with projects including stream corridor reclamation, parks and open space, neighborhood design and development, and transit-oriented development. Valerian is a firm that has been recognized for utilization of sustainable principals and Best Management Practices on our open space and urban projects. We strive to design interesting and water conscious landscapes that encourage people to interact with their physical environment.

Valerian strives to work with our clients to develop towns and cities in a way that increases the quality of life for residents by enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the community and bring about economic vitality. Our purpose is to achieve socially equitable development and provide value, character, and an identity for both the existing and incoming communities.

Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture

For nearly 30 years, Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture (MKM) has been committed to excellence in public, campus, and private design.  The firm has conceived and implemented projects on a variety of scales in the Northeast, as well as in Asia and Africa. MKM has offices in New York and Boston. Their team is composed of designers, authors, educators and builders with a shared culture of service, quality, and hands-on construction administration services. They approach each project with a high level of craftsmanship and innovation, proposing individualized solutions that emphasize restorative practices in site development, storm water management, and environmental sustainability.

Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company

Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, LLC, (JBC) is a landscape architecture and planning firm, providing leading knowledge in restorative design through living architecture, sports and wellness, and living communities. As one of the few practices that offers full-service research and applied knowledge for green buildings, they ask forward-looking questions that help their clients today. They ask new questions that elevate projects to the “next stage” of green design that moves from simply conserving natural resources to restoring water, air and the land.

Environmental Quality Resources, LLC

The mission of Environmental Quality Resources, LLC is to preserve and protect our watersheds that lead to the Chesapeake Bay through environmental construction. Environmental Quality Resources, LLC is an environmental construction and landscape company specializing in stream restoration. EQR has created, mitigated, or restored over 1,000 acres of wetlands. We also do freshwater and tidal wetlands creation and mitigation, bioretention facilities construction, and water quality and quantity control devices such as storm water management ponds. EQR was founded in 1991, and has grown to over 225 trained and dedicated employees.

Downes Forest Products

Downes Forest Products LLC is a top soil company that specializes in delivering and installing soil, aggregates & mulch to commercial services in bulk to places where there is no access or where speed and efficiency is required. Downes experience and fleet of blower trucks and support equipment allows them to deliver bulk soils in very efficient timeframes.

Dialog Architecture & Planning

Dialog is comprised of passionate designers who believe in the power of built form to meaningfully improve the well-being of their communities and the environment we all share. DIALOG is a fully integrated multi-disciplinary design firm incorporating architectural, engineering, interior design, urban design and landscape architecture.

New York Green Roofs

New York Green Roofs is a full service green roofing firm that provides consultation, design assistance, project management, installation and maintenance services.  Partnering with owners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, community organizations, institutions and manufacturers, they redefine the skyline into a more livable, efficient and sustainable part of the city.  Their collaborative designs, thoughtful installations and programmed maintenance produce some of the city’s most iconic green roofs.

Architek Sustainable Building Products

ARCHITEK is a living architecture technologies company assisting LEED professionals, architects, landscape architects, contractors, governments and building owners at any stage of the sustainable building process.

From design to installation and maintenance, we provide expertise, education, products and on-site services for green roofs, living walls, living facades, rainwater harvesting, storm water mitigation, solar integration and a wide selection of accessories.

In addition to living architecture consulting services, we are exclusive representatives for leading world-class manufacturers, integrating these green roof, living wall, green facade and water conservation technologies in new ways and providing products, specifications, architectural detailing, installation and maintenance services. We are proud to serve the A/E/C industry in British Columbia, Alberta and the Pacific Northwest.

Recover Green Roofs

Recover’s award-winning team provides a holistic design-build approach rooted in genuine building knowledge and quality craftsmanship. They prioritize ongoing communication with building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers.

Recover designs, builds, and maintains green roofs, rooftop farms, and rooftop terraces/amenity spaces in the greater New England area and, increasingly, across the country. They specialize in installing green roof systems as well as incorporating custom wood decks, pavers, custom furnishings (such as outdoor kitchens, greenhouses, etc.), and smart irrigation systems on residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

With a passion for ecological design, attention to detail, and long-term customer care, their goal on every project is to stand the test of time.

Rana Creek Habitat Restoration

Rana Creek is a renowned ecological design firm specializing in landscape architecture, environmental planning, native plant propagation, landscape construction and habitat restoration. A passion for true innovation and a fidelity to natural systems drives their mission to design and build landscapes that connect people, places, culture and ecology.

Rana Creek integrates ecological principles and processes into the built environment to ensure that site systems for water, energy, food and other resources are designed to complement and benefit the living systems and communities they are a part of. Rana Creek applies a unique ecological design framework on a range of scales in both urban and natural environments, driven by goals to improve building performance, biodiversity, habitat, watershed health, water conservation, carbon emissions reduction, human wellness, cultural and aesthetic value, return on investment and other benefits.

Rana Creek offers expertise through all stages of project development, from compliance and permitting to construction documentation and project implementation.  Their client list is comprised of world-renowned architects, developers, municipalities, non-profits, land-use planners, government agencies, industrial clients and community associations. 

Plant Connection Inc

As a full service green wall company with a thorough horticultural background, they will consult with you on plant choices for your specific location. Their G-O2® Living Walls are successful because:

  • All plant material is specially customized for each project
  • All products come pre-grown by Plant Connection, Inc., which allows you to have a mature and healthy product ready for installation
  • They offer complete horticultural support from design concept to installation and maintenance with our trained horticultural professionals and design specialists

With over 50 years of combined nursery growing experience, they know the horticultural science behind what it takes for plants to successfully thrive in all growing environments - from the ground, to the roof, and on the wall! On their 42 acres of nursery, they also specialize in growing green roof plants for all applications and systems, and offer specially engineered green roof soil media.

With full horticultural support and innovative design, G-O2® products represent the best quality available in the marketplace today. Call them today for help in planning your green wall or green roof project. Let their team of experts guide you throughout the entire process.


Inhabitect is a full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture. From green roofs to ground-level landscaping, our expertise and creativity takes landscaping to another level. Our comprehensive services encompass all aspects of every stage of the process — initial planning, project design and budgeting, materials and plant selection, procurement and installation, as well as establishment and maintenance.

They can offer advice and guidance on green roof and landscape planning and create complete designs, ready for construction.

They provide on-site supervision and hands-on installation, we are focused on getting it done right the first time.

They can develop project-specific maintenance guidelines and programs and maintain your green roof and landscape for you.

They can support your success with all-inclusive project management — from concept to completion to ongoing stewardship, we ensure our clients expectations are met.

When it comes to green roofs and other forms of living architecture, Inhabitect brings you proven expertise from an environmental and eco-sensitive mindset.