Inhabitect is a full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture. From green roofs to ground-level landscaping, our expertise and creativity takes landscaping to another level. Our comprehensive services encompass all aspects of every stage of the process — initial planning, project design and budgeting, materials and plant selection, procurement and installation, as well as establishment and maintenance.

They can offer advice and guidance on green roof and landscape planning and create complete designs, ready for construction.

They provide on-site supervision and hands-on installation, we are focused on getting it done right the first time.

They can develop project-specific maintenance guidelines and programs and maintain your green roof and landscape for you.

They can support your success with all-inclusive project management — from concept to completion to ongoing stewardship, we ensure our clients expectations are met.

When it comes to green roofs and other forms of living architecture, Inhabitect brings you proven expertise from an environmental and eco-sensitive mindset.