Green Walls

ByNature Design / Modulogreen

The ModuloGreen® living wall concept is one of the oldest living wall systems on the European market, and it has now been successfully used in many countries for indoor, outdoor, cityscape, column and fence projects. The ModuloGreen concept puts plants at the core of the system. This system creates an optimum root environment, which ensures plant viability while guaranteeing the most pleasant long-term aesthetic results. The living wall can be attached to any surface, thanks to its light and secure structure made of stainless steel, aluminum or composite materials. The ModuloGreen vertical garden appreciably improves the thermal and phonic insulation of buildings and brings biodiversity and clean air to our cities.

Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob is one of the market leaders in provision of top-end, cutting-edge design solutions. They have offered wire rope products for over 110 years and are honored to offer products in over 55 countries. Their clients return time and again seeking a reliable provider and manufacturer of stainless steel wire ropes, rod fasteners, nets, and various fittings that have been custom-designed and produced to fit their exact specifications. At Jakob, they understand that it’s the little details that make the big differences.

Nedlaw Living Walls

Nedlaw Living Walls is committed to the integration of biological systems into the built environment as a means of improving building sustainability and the well-being of their occupants. We provide complete services for the design, installation and maintenance of our patented Living Wall Biofilters. Nedlaw Living Walls has since rocketed to the forefront, being the North American premier designer and installer of active living wall systems with over 150 Living Wall installations and strong involvement in University and industrial research.

GSky Plant Systems, Inc

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of indoor and outdoor vertical living garden systems in North America. Through innovative technologies that enable plants to grow in non-traditional environments, GSky green walls are transforming urban landscapes and enriching people’s lives. The company’s primary product is the Green Wall Panel system, the most sustainable and comprehensive green wall system in the industry. GSky works with a broad range of corporate, private, academic, and governmental clients, and the company’s green walls are seen on universities, hotels, grocery stores, corporate buildings, shopping centers, lobbies, airports, and homes across North America.


greenscreen® is a three-dimensional modular trellis system providing you with endless combinations for creating green facades, freestanding elements, shapes and fencing. greenscreen® can transform space or define it… act as a wall, change a facade or create an environment. greenscreen® is committed to providing the highest quality green wall products with the lowest environmental impact while advancing customer service, the unique contributions of each individual, a healthy work environment and a respect for diversity. As a member of the global community greenscreen® strives to be a part of the solution to our environmental challenges and a socially responsible model for others.