LiveRoof / LiveWall

LiveRoof Global is the horticultural science company that developed the LiveRoof® Hybrid System: the only green roof solution installed as a naturally functioning ecosystem with thriving, fully mature plants. Combining the best elements of proven green roof technologies, LiveRoof establishes a seamless vegetative surface rooted in a continuous layer of soil. This design maximizes environmental benefits, energy savings and rooftop aesthetics. Regional growers in its international network adapt LiveRoof plants for local conditions and customize plant selection for every project. LiveRoof’s natural function and natural beauty offer the highest level of green roof performance at the lowest level of acquisition-installation-maturation-maintenance costs.

ByNature Design / Modulogreen

The ModuloGreen® living wall concept is one of the oldest living wall systems on the European market, and it has now been successfully used in many countries for indoor, outdoor, cityscape, column and fence projects. The ModuloGreen concept puts plants at the core of the system. This system creates an optimum root environment, which ensures plant viability while guaranteeing the most pleasant long-term aesthetic results. The living wall can be attached to any surface, thanks to its light and secure structure made of stainless steel, aluminum or composite materials. The ModuloGreen vertical garden appreciably improves the thermal and phonic insulation of buildings and brings biodiversity and clean air to our cities.


Founded in 1997, Roofmeadow is an award-winning landscape architecture firm with engineering DNA. Staffed with landscape architects, civil engineers, horticulturalists, and construction specialists, Roofmeadow provides a broad but targeted scope of services like no other landscape architecture firm. They apply visionary design and planning approaches to challenging project circumstances. Resourceful engineering is at Roofmeadow’s core and underpins all of their landscapes. Their designs incorporate innovative stormwater management, permitting support, smart irrigation, and the stabilization of sculpture and hardscape in veneer landscapes.

Sempergreen / Moerings USA

Sempergreen is an organization that wants to improve the quality of life through innovations in sustainable construction and greenery in the city. Worldwide, they supply quality products for green roofs, living walls and ready-to-lay ground covering. Together with their clients, their ambition as market leader is to make the world a little greener. Since Sempergreen was founded in 1996, they combine their love of nature with a healthy dose of entrepreneurship. Their products are tested extensive by our product development & innovation department. Everything with the objective of supplying innovative products that make life in the city a little bit greener and more pleasant for ourselves and for future generations. 

Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc

A technology-oriented company, Sunlite is growing in its business focus and ran its business operations through the Lawrence Bioscience & Technology Business Center (BTBC) from 2010-2013 before moving to a new Lawrence office and warehouse facility. Sunlite continues to grow its manufacturing capabilities and expand its product lines and is proud to offer a wide selection of LED products to fit its client’s needs.  Uses for Sunlite’s LED products now include Green Wall lighting, Horticulture lighting, and UV curing applications. Sunlite also makes a variety of exceptional flashlights, penlights, mechanics lights, vehicle lights, and accessories.  Sunlite’s UL-certified lighting products maximize the benefits of LED technology, and our fixtures produce the maximum LED light output for their size.  With a variety of light fixtures and custom lighting designs, Sunlite’s innovative products are now being integrated into sustainable lighting designs around the world.


Furbish specializes in living systems – living roofs, living retaining walls, and interior living walls. With a driving passion for innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability, we design, construct, and maintain each of our products so that they utilize nature’s processes to create synergy between the built environment and its inhabitants. Furbish is dedicated to our overarching goal – minimize environmental impacts while maximizing asset value and ecosystem services.

Ginkgo Sustainability

Founded in 2010, Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. was born out of a love for the environment and a passion for sustainable business. We are driven by our mission to connect the living and built environments through the installation of living roofs and the installation and manufacture of living walls. Ginkgo Sustainability exists to make buildings eco-friendly and sustainable. GINKGO offers consulting, design, installation, and maintenance services to help you realize your green building goals.

Sika Sarnafil

Sika manufactures thermoplastic (PVC), single-ply, commercial roofing and waterproofing membranes.  Sika roofing and waterproofing systems, products and services are designed to precisely fit your specific projects needs. With more than 40 years of roofing and waterproofing experience in locations all over the world, on buildings of all types and in many diverse climates, Sika roofing and waterproofing is the worldwide market leader in thermoplastic membrane technology.  They set the bar for quality when it comes to watertight protection.

Tremco Incorporated

Tremco is an international construction products and services company with roots reaching back to 1928. Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is deeply committed to helping our thousands of customers solve their most challenging facility problems.  More than 750 highly trained sales and service professionals from Tremco Roofing, WTI (Weatherproofing Technologies Inc.) and WTC (Weatherproofing Technologies Canada) and Canam Building Envelope Specialists help “keep good roofs, and good buildings, good” for our customers through renovation, restoration and maintenance, as well as through new construction.

While we have helped install roofing systems and managed building envelope projects for thousands of facilities encompassing over one billion square feet, our support extends far beyond keeping buildings dry, safe and sustainable. Our goal is to help building owners and managers maximize the return on their facility investments through project planning: firm budgeting and cost reduction; a complete line of the highest quality products; investigative, maintenance, and information-based services: preventive maintenance; general contracting capabilities; and support for air, water and energy management.

Battalion Roofing LLC

Established in 2010, Battalion Roofing LLC is dedicated to serving our customers with the best possible service, quality and professionalism. We have expanded our business over the last 8 years to meet our customer demand and consistent referral base year after year.  Battalion Roofing LLC continues to offer our clients the attention and respect they deserve.  

We install residential and commercial roofs in the Central and South Texas area using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our founder and owner, Stephen Peyton, is a combat veteran and proud to offer active military and veteran discounts.

We are fully insured and bonded and we have a stellar reputation.

Greenrise Technologies

From component selection to installation to maintenance, Greenrise Technologies is a comprehensive resource for all your greenroof and stormwater management needs—whether you’re looking for someone who can turn your rooftop dream garden into a reality, or you’re just looking for a recommendation on how to address a stormwater issue you’re facing. Whatever your needs, they're able to offer complete turnkey systems through a full spectrum of products and services: the highest quality components, technologically advanced installation methods, the safest and most knowledgeable crew in the industry, as well as superior maintenance capabilities to ensure long-term viability.


Whether it be creating protected ecological areas or developing integrated landscaped rooftops; utilising rooftops is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Green Roofs can create a valuable counterbalance to the progressive development of overbuilt areas. ZinCo has been working on long-term, effective solutions for the utilisation of rooftops across the world for over 35 years and is dedicated to the improvement and development for the integration of various living rooftop systems.

St. Cloud Mining

St. Cloud Mining Company is the largest producer of high quality, high purity natural zeolites in North America.  St. Cloud Zeolite, a unique naturally occurring, lightweight, durable volcanic mineral, is characterized by its high cation exchange capacity and porosity which when incorporated in soil mixes increase nutrient holding capacity, minimize leaching, enhance water retention, improve aeration, minimize compaction, prevent toxicity, and improve fertilization and overall plant growth.

St. Cloud Zeolite is frequently called for by name in large green roof installations, including a recently completed  nine acre roof top park on a high profile corporate campus in Silicon Valley. Our zeolites are also used as filtration media in storm water treatment applications to remove heavy metals, organics and other toxic contaminants from effluents.

St. Cloud Zeolites are natural, inert non-toxic substances that are federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and exempted from most regulations and reporting. In addition, we are NSF 61 certified for drinking water filtration applications and OMRI certified in livestock product applications.

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Roof Maintenance Solutions

Roof Maintenance Solutions (RMS) is a dedicated roofing maintenance service option now available to industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) property managers and building owners in Canada.

RMS is a preventative roof maintenance and recycling company that addresses a current gap in the ICI roofing trade between roof builders and engineers / consultants. RMS offers property managers a professional, impartial organization whose singular focus advocates for longevity and environmental waste reduction in ICI roofing systems.

Roof Maintenance Solutions provides building owners and property managers with professional, preventative maintenance that considerably prolongs the life of their commercial roofing systems and, through transparency reporting and education, provides options with measurable savings in capital expense and environmental waste reduction.

Bockholt Landscape Architecture

Bockholt Landscape Architecture brings an invaluable and hard won understanding of the natural environments encountered in the Rocky Mountains and the challenges their clients face working with resort towns, the public, home owner associations and other agencies and stakeholders to the design team, making them an integral partner for many who are developing projects in the Western U.S. Often they are consulted by architects and engineers on large land projects at an early stage of the design process because of their skill-set and wealth of tools pertaining to the land to contribute to the site analysis and schematic planning and renderings. They love to work as the owners representative for discerning homeowners and builders faced with large landscape projects. Developing the concept, construction documents obtaining approvals, bidding and organizing a team of contractors, to move forward smartly.

Valerian LLC

Valerian is a reliable WBE/DBE/SBE certified landscape architecture and irrigation design firm. Valerian was established in 1990 by Founding Principal Susan Brown and continues the firm’s commitment to our clients and quality design under Managing Principal Cassie Kaslon. Since its creation, Valerian has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the industry for sustainable, creative and thoughtful design for both public and private sector clients.

Our project portfolio reflects the variety and depth of our design experience with projects including stream corridor reclamation, parks and open space, neighborhood design and development, and transit-oriented development. Valerian is a firm that has been recognized for utilization of sustainable principals and Best Management Practices on our open space and urban projects. We strive to design interesting and water conscious landscapes that encourage people to interact with their physical environment.

Valerian strives to work with our clients to develop towns and cities in a way that increases the quality of life for residents by enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the community and bring about economic vitality. Our purpose is to achieve socially equitable development and provide value, character, and an identity for both the existing and incoming communities.

Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture

For nearly 30 years, Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture (MKM) has been committed to excellence in public, campus, and private design.  The firm has conceived and implemented projects on a variety of scales in the Northeast, as well as in Asia and Africa. MKM has offices in New York and Boston. Their team is composed of designers, authors, educators and builders with a shared culture of service, quality, and hands-on construction administration services. They approach each project with a high level of craftsmanship and innovation, proposing individualized solutions that emphasize restorative practices in site development, storm water management, and environmental sustainability.

Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company

Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, LLC, (JBC) is a landscape architecture and planning firm, providing leading knowledge in restorative design through living architecture, sports and wellness, and living communities. As one of the few practices that offers full-service research and applied knowledge for green buildings, they ask forward-looking questions that help their clients today. They ask new questions that elevate projects to the “next stage” of green design that moves from simply conserving natural resources to restoring water, air and the land.

Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob is one of the market leaders in provision of top-end, cutting-edge design solutions. They have offered wire rope products for over 110 years and are honored to offer products in over 55 countries. Their clients return time and again seeking a reliable provider and manufacturer of stainless steel wire ropes, rod fasteners, nets, and various fittings that have been custom-designed and produced to fit their exact specifications. At Jakob, they understand that it’s the little details that make the big differences.

Firestone Building Products

At Firestone Building Products, Nobody Covers You Better. You can count on us for complete building performance solutions – from roots to rooftops. By taking the entire building envelope into consideration, we provide focused solutions for roofing systems, wall systems, landscape and lining projects based on the specific results you need to achieve. We’ll not only deliver exceptionally performing building materials, but also outstanding services, support, warranty and expertise; all backed by a brand you can trust.