Hamid Karimi, PhD

Chair, Policy Committee

Government of the District of Columbia

Dr. Karimi has more than 25 years of experience in environmental management and is currently the Deputy Director of the District Department of Energy and the Environment. In this capacity, he oversees a number of programs: Stormwater Management Division, the Fisheries and Wildlife Division, the Watershed Protection Division, and the Water Quality Division. The programs he manages address very wide-ranging environmental issues, such as: administering the MS4 stormwater Permit; development and implementation of TMDLs; regulation and management of wetlands and groundwater; construction inspection and enforcement (sediment & erosion control); stream as well as Anacostia River restoration; pollution prevention; management of an extensive monitoring network; Chesapeake Bay restoration and the Anacostia River Partnership. He has worked on development of regulatory processes on stormwater utility, and pollution control.

Dr. Karimi has published and made presentations extensively in national scientific and environmental forums. He is a long standing commissioner on the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin. Dr. Karimi is a member and past chair of a number of environmental committees at Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments in the Washington, DC area.