GRP Maintenance & renewal

The ongoing maintenance of the Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation demonstrates that GRPs are keeping up to date with rapidly changing industry trends, technologies, and best practices.

In order to maintain accredited status, GRPs must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Renew an annual GRHC Renewing Green Roof Professional Membership or GRHC Renewing Affiliate Green Roof Affiliate Membership

  • Obtain and report 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years beginning on the date the exam was written

How to Renew

As of January 1, 2011, all GRPs are required to hold an active GRHC membership.

Your membership can be renewed online by logging into the GRHC Member's Portal, and purchasing a membership from the "My Profile" section of the portal.

Alternatively, a hard copy renewal form may be completed and sent back to GRHC along with payment via fax or mail.

Obtaining Continuing Education Units (CEU)

You must obtain 16 CEUs within two years of the date you wrote the exam, and every two years after that to maintain your GRP accredited status.

A minimum number of eight CEUs must be acquired by GRHC related activities, while the remaining eight can be acquired via external programs provided they are related to one or more aspects of green roof design, installation, or maintenance. In general, one CEU is equivalent to one hour of learning.

Types of activities which may qualify for CEUs include attending conferences, workshop, information sessions, courses (online or in person), webinars, presentation, or by submitting published articles.

Reporting Continuing Education Units

All CEUs are self-reported by submitting the CEU Reporting Sheet to

Member Profiles will be audited to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Any credits being claimed that appear to fall outside the scope of the requirements described above will be reviewed by the Education Coordinator.

There will be a grace period of three months for reporting CEUs following each two year submission span. If CEUs are not self-reported by the end of the three month period then the GRP credential will not be renewed without paying a $200 penalty.

If an excess of CEUs are accumulated in the two-year period, up to 50% (8 CEUs) can be carried forward into the next two-year period.

GRP Continuing Education options

Accredited GRPs have a variety of options for earning CEUs for credential maintenance. The most effective way to keep up with emerging industry trends, technologies, and best practices is to attend GRHC's annual conference CitiesAlive, or one of the specialized half-day courses. Recordings of conference sessions are also available in the Green Infrastructure Store.

Open Forum Webinar

GRHC's Open Forum Webinar explores a variety of green roof and wall topics from experts working in the field. Recordings of these webinars are provided free of charge to all members through the Member's Portal and are eligible for 1 GRP CEU.

Local Market Development Symposia

These one-day events feature industry experts and local leaders presenting on green roofs and walls, local standout projects, and the importance of strong green roof and wall policy. These events also feature a trade show for local green roof and wall companies, interactive panel discussions, and workshops to help develop local policy. These events are certified for 8 GRP CEUs.

Training Courses

GRHC offers a number of full and half-day continuing education courses developed internally and through organizational partnerships. Courses are eligible for 1 CEU per class hour.

Conference Recordings and Webcasts

Recordings from technical sessions are made available after the conference if you were unable to attend, or wanted to revisit a topic. Presented as slides synced with audio, and sometimes video, these recordings are a great way to catch sessions you weren't able to attend. You can purchase Conference Recordings through the Green Infrastructure Store. Recordings are eligible for 1 CEU per hour of recording.