ABOUT the GRP Accreditation Exam 

GRP Accreditation is an indicator that an individual has achieved a specific knowledge level regarding green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance. In order to receive this designation, individuals must successfully pass the GRP Accreditation Exam. This two-hour, multidisciplinary exam was developed by a committee of subject matter experts and vetted by Prometric®, the leading accreditation consulting firm worldwide. The GRP Accreditation Exam is now available online, making the professional designation easier and more cost effective to obtain. Visit our GRP Accreditation FAQ page for additional information. 

 ✓ Low Cost

Online hosting is a cost-effective way to offer the GRP Accreditation Exam, and we are passing on the savings on to you. The exam registration cost has dropped from $425 USD, to only $249 USD. 

✓ Convenient

Sitting the exam in-person is no longer necessary. This means no travel expenses are incurred during the accreditation process, and time away from work and home are greatly minimized. 

✓ Comfortable

The exam can be written from the comfort of your home, office, or any other location with reliable access WiFi. Simply find a space that works for you, with internet connectivity, and sit the exam. 

Take the grp accreditation exam 

You can begin the Online GRP Accreditation Exam by clicking the 'START' link below. Before attempting the exam, please take careful note of the following items :

  • In order to pass the GRP Accreditation Exam, candidates must receive a score of 80% or higher.
  • While anyone can take the GRP Accreditation Exam, it is highly recommended that individuals take all three training courses, or at a minimum, purchase and study from the course manuals. Attempting the exam without any prior study is strongly discouraged. 
  • The GRP Accreditation Exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, covering all the material contained in the three GRP Training courses and resource manuals. 
  • Test takers have a total of two hours (120 minutes) to complete the GRP Accreditation Exam, but can submit their test before this time with no penalty. The exam must be taken in one sitting, with no option to pause and return later. 
  • In the event that the exam is not passed, it can be written as early two months (60 days) after the original attempt. Secondary attempts of the exam made before the 60 day limit will not be considered valid.  
  • The exam can be attempted an unlimited amount of times, but a fee of $249 USD will be charged for every attempt.  
  • Test takers will be contacted with results within 2-3 weeks of the exam date. Successful candidates will be sent a GRP Accreditation Certificate Package. Unsuccessful candidates will receive an exam sub-score report, which can be used for better targeted study.
  • In the rare event of sudden internet of connectivity issues, the system will generally allow around 20 minutes for the user to continue to refresh the browser until a connection is restored. The test can then be resumed without losing answers.   
  • If technical difficulties arise, please contact training@greenroofs.org and a representative from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will contact you as soon as possible. Please note hours of operation are between 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday. 
  • In addition to successfully completing the GRP Accreditation Exam, candidates are required to purchase and maintain a GRP Membership with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. 
  • The 'RESUME' button below refers to candidates who purchase the GRP Accreditation Exam, but wish to start it at a different point in time. It does not imply that the exam can be paused and returned to.