CitiesAlive is an annual national green roof and wall conference held in major markets across North America. This multi-day conference features presentations, panel discussions, a trade show, several tours, awards presentations and networking opportunities.

CitiesAlive is North America's leading forum to discuss benefits and strategies of green roof and wall design, installation, and maintenance and works to influence policy discussion, development and implementation.  This interdisciplinary conference features presentations on research, design, and policy.

Ever year, CitiesAlive focuses on a specific sustainability topic that can be addressed with green roofs and walls.  This event also serves as host to the annual Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence program, celebrating outstanding green roof and wall design projects, ground-breaking research, influential sustainability advocates, and supportive organizations.

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After years on the east coast, CitiesAlive®: 15th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference will take place in Seattle, Washington, September 18-21, 2017. This year's conference will highlight the necessity of green roofs and walls alongside Cascadia's unique characteristics as they contribute to community, place making, and the resilience of the people through a variety of sessions and workshops. 

CitiesAlive will celebrate the region featuring content specific to the Pacific Northwest and explore the science behind green roof and wall performance, technology, and design through the lens of the different climates and cities within Cascadia.

We invite you to discover new products and services at the CitiesAlive® trade show, tour some of Seattle's best green infrastructure projects, and enhance your professional practice with continuing education and networking events.