AwardWinner TechDeck2


Project: Tech Deck
Mountain View, CA
Award Winner:
Bionic Landscape

Landscape Architect: Marcel Wilson, Bionic Landscape 
Architect: Rob Zirkle, Brick LLP
Living Roof Contractor: Marta Kephart, Rana Creek
General Contractor: Jordan Drake, Nibbi Brothers
Structural engineer: Crosby Group
Electrical Engineer: Rexmoore
Plumbing: Nicodemus Plumbing
Waterproofing: Aquatech Consultancy
Civil Engineer: Chad Browning, Sandis
Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical Design Studio


“Landscapes on structures are complex. Invention is the best design strategy to engage the technical drivers and rise above all of the constraints.”
Marcel Wilson, Bionic Landscape Architecture


A New Paradigm for Infill Workplaces

This project – a 4-story lot line-to-lot line office building in Mountain View, CA – began in 2010 when no one was building anything, especially office space. But Mountain View, CA in Silicon Valley was an anomaly to this national trend with an office vacancy rate at a scant 4 per cent. There was a strong financial will to build on this site given its central location downtown. With high visibility and immediate access to commuter rail, the project had the ability to create density and attract a critical mass of workers that would benefit the local businesses. These contextual influences compelled the developer and the city to seek a more evolved model of infill development for Silicon Valley.

The requirements for the project were formed through this greater potential and resulted in a scope of work including a 16,000 sf green roof, a 5,500 sf streetscape, and an overall design objective of a LEED platinum designation. The green roof became an important component in the overall equation because the site was maxed out for leasable space. Everything else – storm water treatment, amenities, common areas, building systems, open space, and habitat – had to be accommodated and coordinated on the roof. The requirements to achieve high performance on a tight site generated the Tech Deck, and this contemporary model of a Silicon Valley workplace where the image of the company, the health of its workers, their productivity, and their retention are core underlying values.

AwardWinner TechDeck3

Designed for a global information technology company, the Tech Deck employs a large shade structure, a custom paving system, walls, decks, a bocce ball court, planting, and green roof systems that create a new paradigm for infill workplaces in Silicon Valley enabling collaboration, social interaction, and ecological performance.The judges praised the look and feel of this project, as well as the location, having been installed in a region which is otherwise under-represented for green roof installations.

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