AwardWinner TriBeCaLoftRooftop


Project: TriBeCa Loft (1,700 square foot green roof)
New York, NY
Award Winner:
New York Green Roofs, LLC

Installation and Maintenance Contractor: New York Green Roofs, LLC 
Landscape Architect: HM White Site Architecture
Architect: Blatz Architect + Antonio Pio Saracino


Architecture Meets Nature Amidst Lower Manhattan’s Skyline

Floating amidst lower Manhattan’s skyline, architecture meets nature to transform a penthouse residence into the ultimate garden apartment. This project retrofits a nineteenth century loft building’s rooftops into a series of dynamic and diverse gardens.

Cutting edge design incorporates a vast array of roof garden approaches to build up an undulating green roof meadow that softens topographical decking, geometrical forms that add interest to a turf lawn, and vertical vegetation that integrates seamlessly with water features and modulated flooring. Integrating maximum outdoor living areas off of the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath, and inner courtyard took extreme attention to transitional details as all areas incorporate green roofs and vertical plantings with sculptural and hardscaping elements.The juxtaposition of each element helps create distinct zones of refuge while maintaining a cohesive outdoor amenity.

The roof’s drainage system incorporates the sloping topography with EPS lightweight insulation and custom planters installed with intensive green roof build-up. The irrigation design uses a customized low flow automated drip irrigation system with moisture sensors which incorporate multiple zones across many micro-climates over two different levels. Advanced water conservation practices and technologies keep the water below the surface of the vegetated roofs and container plantings so that evaporation, wind overspray and mist or surface run-off is mitigated.

AwardWinner TriBeCaLoftRooftop2

The green roof achieves a harmonizing effect by taming and balancing architecture with ecology in an urban environment. The tranquility of the gardens blend fluidly with the interior to achieve an elegant outdoor living space that transcends the boundaries of traditional residential gardens.

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