2015 Intensive Industrial/Commercial

AwardWinner AventuraOptimaPlaza
Credit: Paul Morris


Project: Aventura Optima Plaza (17,101 square foot green roof)
Aventura, FL
Award Winner:
Savino & Miller Design Studio, PA

Landscape Architect: Savino & Miller Design Studio, PA 
Architect: Behar Font & Partners
Landscape Contractor: All Green Landscaping
Green Roof Soil and Waterproofing: Hydrotech
Irrigation Engineer: Cummings Irrigation
LEED Consultant: Spinnaker Group
Project Design: Inmobiliaria Brom
Wood Supplier and Installer: Miles of Wood

“We are proud to have been a part of the Aventura Optima Plaza project, one of the few significant green roofs in South Florida. We designed the green roof as a natural garden setting, to enjoy, to exercise, and as a getaway from the office routine. In addition to the numerous environmental benefits associated with Green Roofs, we believe the simple act of getting up higher fulfills a fundamental desire. Green roofs give us the chance to be closer to the sun and sky, to scan over our city and landscape. In South Florida, which is basically flat, we can imagine rooftops as our urban treetops, our watchtowers; all the more reason to include them in our basic building paradigm. ”
Barry Miller, Savino & Miller Design Studio


Green Space in the Balance

The Green Roof at the Aventura Optima Plaza professional building was conceived to balance the loss of green space caused by the building’s construction, by essentially raising the landscape above the building, mitigating urban heat island effect.

It is unique in that it not only provides stormwater management benefits, but also invites office employees to use the space. The green roof’s garden provides a tranquil space for relaxation and an opportunity to jog the running track at the green roof’s perimeter. The rolling walls, designed in a bell wave pattern, offer a constantly changing perspective of the garden. Reclaimed Greenheart Wood is utilized for the crosswalks, which bisect the green roof gardens at regular intervals, connecting back to the running track.

In order to reduce water use, the landscape was designed with native and drought-tolerant plants, entirely eliminating the use of sod/turf grass. In addition, the planting soil is a sand mixture with a higher water retention capability. A rain water collecting/harvesting cistern and system was installed in order to supply all irrigation requirements, totally eliminating the use of potable water.

AwardWinner AventuraOptimaPlaza2
Credit: Paul Morris

The Planting palette was selected by the ability to withstand harsh conditions such as wind and at the same time attract local fauna. The Sabal Palm and Thatch Palms are Florida Natives that are very adaptable to different soil conditions and windy sites. Additionally, their fruits, flowers and crown collect moisture and attract wildlife such as birds and insects. Muhly grass complements the use of the palms in the same fashion. Perennial peanut is evergreen in frost-free areas of the state. It is drought, nematodes, and pathogens resistant.

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