Michael Gibbons


Civic Award

The 2014 recipient of the Civic Award of Excellence is Michael Gibbons, Owner/President of Architectural Systems, Inc. Mr. Gibbons has served as the chair of ASTM’s Green Roof Task Group (GRTG) since 2000. This group coalesced with the objective of developing standards that would apply to green roofing, and that would be usable sustainability tools for architects, owners, government and code officials as the green roof movement became more and more visible in the commercial construction industry. It spent the next ten years working on several standards: four dealing with mineral growth media, one dealing with plantings. Throughout this time the group also was developing an overall guide for green roofs that was based upon the European guidelines posted in the FLL.

During these efforts Mr. Gibbons also sat on Committee D08 (Roofing and Waterproofing) to serve as a liaison for the GRTG and create synergy between the efforts of the two groups.

Over the years, the guide was put forward for approval several times but met with substantive negative votes requiring revisions. At one point the proposed guide was up to 46 pages. Mr. Gibbons decided in 2013 that it would be almost impossible forsuch a large technical document to receive the unanimous approval required of the 248 members of the ASTM E60 Committee on Sustainability. From 2013 through the present, Michael has concentrated on convincing committee members that it was necessary for ASTM to get a green roof guide published to establish its authority in that arena. The result was that the guide standard (E2777-14) was published in June of 2014. GRTG has committed to immediately start working on revisions to improve areas of the guide that have been pointed out in the approval process.

Mr. Gibbons is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy. After graduating with an MBA from Southern Methodist University he established Architectural Systems Inc. He received the honor of fellow from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) in 1995, and was a faculty member at and co-chairman of CSI’s Product Representation Academy. He received an Award of Appreciation from ASTM International for his contribution to the technical expertise in sustainable building in the field of green roofing.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities would like to bestow this award to Michael Gibbons for his tireless commitment to green building and incorporating green roof standards into ASTM guidelines. We congratulate him for his many accomplishments.

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