Corporate Membership Categories

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Corporate Memberships are annually renewing memberships based on a company's primary business driver.
Manufacturers - $5,200 US Annually
    • Manufacturers of green roof systems or components of green roof assemblies (including but not limited to, modular systems, growing medium, drainage layers, filter cloths, waterproofing membranes).
Suppliers of Accessories - $3,800 US Annually
    • Suppliers of accessory products related to green roof or wall systems, such as irrigation systems, pavers, lighting, or edging.  Also providers and distributors of green roof systems
Green Walls - $1,250 US Annually
    • Manufacturers, suppliers, or installers of green wall systems, such as green facades, living walls, or modular walls.
Nurseries - $750 US Annually
    • Growers and suppliers of plants, sedum mats, or seedings for green roof assemblies and installations.
Professionals - $550 US Annually
    • Green roof design, installation or maintenance service providers such as engineers, landscape architects, roofing contractors, green roof consultants, etc
Government & Institutional - $550 US Annually
Charitable & Non-Profit - $550 US Annually


If a company fits into more than one of the above categories, you are required to join in the higher value category.  Renewals are subject to a 1.5% interest charge on invoices for each month past due.

For questions regarding Membership Categories, contact Blaine Stand, Membership Coordinator by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone 416-971-4494 x223

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