The Benefits of Corporate Membership

As North America's green roof and wall industry association, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) provides its corporate members with many valuable benefits.  Corporate membership is split into two groups, Standard and Advanced. 

 Standard  Advanced
 Nurseries  Manufacturers
 Professionals  Suppliers of Accessories
 Government & Institutional  Green Walls
 Charitable & Non-Profit  
Descriptions of Corporate Membership Categories


Check the bottom of the page for a detailed look at how a GRHC Corporate Membership will help you Advertise Your Company, Expand Your Network, Receive Exclusive Discounts, Stay Connected, Build Technical Standards, and Support Market Growth

  Benefits of Membership  Individual  Standard  Advanced
 $160  $550 - $750  $1250 - $5200
 Business Value      
 Access to particiapte in GRHC industry committees  x  x  x
 Opportunity to sit on GRHC board of directors  x  x  x
 Invitation to lead GRHC Open Forum Webinars  x  x  x
 Complimentary individual membership    One  Three
 Monthly qualified marketing leads    x  x
 Corporate Logo and link featured on    x  x
 Ability to participate in annual market surveys    x  x
 Inclusion in Green Pages Industry Directory    x  x
 Corporate banner ad featured on    x  x
 Discounted training registration  x  x  x
 Discounted GRP exam registration  x  x  x
 Discounted products in the Green Infrastructure Store  x  x  x
 Discounted event registration  x   x  x
 Discounted exhibitor space    x  x
 Discounted individual membership rate for employees    x  x
 Discounted advertising space in Living Architecture Monitor    Up to 35%  Up to 45%
 Participate in the Living Architecture Performance Tool  x  x  x
 Monthly email newsletter  x  x  x
 Access to the Living Architecture Toolbox  x  x  x
 Access to the Greensave Calculator  x  x  x
 Access to GRHC Open Forum archives  x  x  x
 Access to full Annual Market Survey report  x  x  x
 Access to full Annual Market Survey data    x  x
 Media and outreach support    x  x
 Subscription to the Living Architecture Monitor for office  1 Copy  5 Copies  10 Copies
 Subscription to annual Green Pages Industry Directory  1 Copy  5 Copies  10 Copies

 MembershipButton 1


  • Your corporate banner rotating at the top of, premium advertising space reserved exclusively for GRHC Corporate Members
    • Annual Value: $2,000
  • Your logo and website link in the Corporate Members Directory and Featured Members sections of which receiveds over 25,000 visitors per month.
    • Annual Value: $500


  • Receive qualified monthly marketing leads of industry professionals so you can follow up directly with GRHC courses, workshops, conferences, webinars, and symposia.  Over 1,000 leads were sent to every corporate member last year.
    • Annual Value: $2500


  • Trade show exhibitor space discounts for GRHC events and Symposia
    • Annual Value: Up to $600
  • Discount on advertising rates in the Living Architecture Monitor magazine, reaching over 34,000 industry professionals each year.
    • Annual Value: Up to $5,236
  • Complimentary Individual Memberships for distribution to employees, depending on corporate member category.
    • Annual Value: Up to $480


  • Copies of each issue of the Living Architecture Montior magazine for the office and a digital subscription for distribution to staff and clients
    • Annual Value: $550
  • Member's E-Newsletter with important information on industry developments, GRHC events, external conferences, job listings, and more.
    • Annual Value: $300


  • Join GRHC in creating technical standards for green roof and walls, such as those created in partnership with SPRI
    • ANSI VF-1 Fire Design Guidelines
    • RP-14 Wind Design Standard
    • VR-1 Procedure for Investigating Resistance to Root Penetration
  • Supports the development of the Living Architecture Performance Tool for green roofs and walls, which will provide performance metrics and standards for living architecture.
    • Opportunity to review and comment on white papers being developed.
  • Ensure that green roof and wall technology is recognized and included in external industry standards suchs as LEED, Sustainable Sites, and Green Globes.
    • Esure standards categorize these technologies appropriately and fairly.


  • Strategic association partnerships with organizations and media outlets around North America to bring profile to green roofs and walls.
  • Ability to participate in a number of GRHC committees on policy, research, growing media, and more.

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