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December 16, 2016
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As part of its mission to advocate for green roof and wall policy across North America, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) hosts local Green Roof and Wall Market Development Symposia

What is a Symposium?

These one-day events feature industry experts and local leaders presenting on green roofs and walls, local standout projects, and the importance of strong green roof and wall policy. These events also feature a trade show for local green roof and wall companies, interactive panel discussions and workshops to help develop policy locally.

Why Is Policy Important?

Green roof and wall policy is an extremely important element of growing any local green roof and wall market. Cities such as Washington D.C., Chicago, and Toronto have adopted green roof policies and incentives over the past decade and have seen their green roof markets flourish. These markets have recognized their value in energy savings, stormwater management, job creation, and numerous other public and private benefits.

Why Symposia?

Symposia events target local city representatives, organisations, industry expertise and academic research to engage local stakeholders and to develop local support and awareness for green roofs and walls.

Who Attends?

Representatives from local, regional, and state government, architects, landscape architects, planners, building owners, contractors, stormwater managers, engineers, educators, green roof and wall system manufacturers, and more.


Over the last 12 years, GRHC has hosted symposia in

Annville, PA Grand Rapids, MI Milwaukee, WI San Jose, CA
Atlanta, GA Halifax, NS Montreal, QC Tampa, FL
Austin, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Nashville, TN Vancouver, BC
Boston, MA Knoxville, TN Oakland, CA Washington, DC
Calgary, AB Las Vegas, NV Omaha, NE Waterloo, ON
Charlotte, NC Lexington, KY Ottawa, ON Winnipeg, MB
Cincinnati, OH Los Angeles, CA Regina, SK Winston-Salem, NC
Cleveland, OH Louisville, KY San Diego, CA  
Edmonton, AB Markham, ON San Francisco, CA  


Next Symposium: Check back soon for information on the next Symposium

To recommend a location, contact Blaine Stand, Membership Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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