Biography of William Corrigan, Treasurer

With 22 years’ experience developing public-private partnerships, Bill’s role managing the Business Development Program is to ensure that the service programs are customized to meet the unique needs of clients. Bill has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo. He has been with Tremco for over 17 years.

Bill is responsible for assembling teams for Tremco managed programs. He plays an integral role during the implementation phase of roof diagnostic and management projects. He allocates staff resources, monitors progress and prepares and analyzes budgets (manpower and fiscal). Most importantly, Bill is responsible for ensuring that all services are delivered in an ethical manner, professionally and without bias.

Bill has presented roofing seminars focusing on roof asset management and environmental initiatives for both customers and associations across Canada. He has been an active corporate member of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society since 1999.

Bill has initiated and led many green roof initiatives for Tremco. These include:

    • Working with Monica Bartlett in Leamington, Ontario, Bill helped design Tremco’s first green roof test site in Canada. Over a two year study period, various green roof components, including the drainage layer, growing medium and vegetation tested and evaluated (2003-2005).
    • Host and guest speaker for the “Green Roofs in Saskatchewan” seminar (2006).
    • Wrote an article on the benefits of green roofs for healthcare facilities, “Cultivating Healthy Environments”, published in the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society Quarterly Journal (2005).
    • Provided leadership to the technical representatives at Tremco who were part of the integrated design team working on the Manitoba Hydro Head Office project in Winnipeg. This included many visits to the site during the construction phase (2006-2009).
    • Led Tremco’s proposal team for the David Suzuki School project in Windsor, Ontario (2007-2008).
    • Provided recommendations for refinements made to Tremco’s 20 Year QA Warranty for Green Roofs. A section for maintenance of the vegetation was developed (2008).
    • Represented Tremco at various association trade shows and seminars, including events hosted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Partners in Project Green and the Canada Green Building Council.
    • Treasurer for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (2015-present).

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